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Stay a Night & See a Sight at these places: Hit the open road for Medicine Hat, Newell and Cypress Hills Provincial Park.

Perhaps you need to charge up with a coffee tour through some funky Medicine Hat based java shops?

How about an ice fishing adventure in Newell to hook into a new winter pastime?

Explore one of Canada’s most unique prairie Provincial Parks at Cypress Hills.

You might just be happy playing a board game over a flight of hoppy craft brews at the newest Alberta brewery.

Start your Eastern Alberta road trip this winter. Just take your pick and mix and match any of these adventures for day a or a week.Plot your next adventure to any or all of these places, just be sure to search #BucketlistAB for more details.

Start sharing your adventures using the hashtag #BucketlistAB in your posts.

Hook into Newell and uncover a whole new way to spend winter.